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I cultivate and coach ambitious product leaders and startup founders.


I work with aspiring product management leaders to hone their leadership skills.


I work with startup founders on growing their startup and building a company they are proud of.


I help young talent to build their career and become future leaders and founders.

Product Leadership

The transition from a product manager to a product leader role often happens overnight and without a lot of preparation.

With the right tools and practices you can make your journey to become an exceptional leader smoother and more enjoyable.


As an exceptional leader you need a positive mindset and be at peace with your own life.


Hire the best talent and help them grow in your company with the right tools and training.

Strategy & Focus

Develop impactful product strategies with data-based hypotheses and rock-solid prioritization procedures.

Guidance & Alignment

Guide your team effectively and achieve perfect alignment between teams and departments.

Coaching for Startup Founders

Being a startup founder is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs, and 90% of startups fail. Wrong decisions in many areas such as strategy, culture, or finance can have lasting effects.

An experienced outside perspective can help you navigate your startup better towards success.

Feedback & Personal Growth

Be aware of your own limitations, invest in your personal growth, identify issues within the company quickly and become truly receptive to employee feedback.

Culture & People

Attract the best talents for your startup and provide an environment people want to stay and grow in. Build a modern culture and organizational structure.

Flow & Alignment

Establish working principles and structures that foster open and frequent communication and collaboration within the company.


Build products, technical architectures, and tech teams the right way from day 1 to enable growth and scale later.

Startup Career Boost

Building your startup career can be a fuzzy journey, navigating through countless opportunities and never being 100% certain to be at the right place or doing the right thing.

The right frameworks and techniques can help you to reflect on current priorities and constantly adapt and steer your professional career in the right direction.

Mindset & Clarity

Gain clarity on what you want and not want in your life, what you value, and what you are truly good at.

Branding & Network

Build your personal branding that positions you as an expert in certain areas and makes you stand out.

Planning & Execution

Develop your vision and goals that will guide you through your career journey and navigate through the inevitable ups and down.

Startup Launch

Find a promising business idea, prototype and test your first product, and get your own startup off the ground.

Why work with me?

For 10+ years I have been helping startups to grow through customer-oriented product management, a modern leadership style, and distinct tech know-how.

After my studies I stumbled into product management, similarly I found myself by coincidence in my first management role as CPO and CTO. While my career journey sometimes felt random in the specific moment, I had frameworks and principles in place that helped me navigate to where I am today. I was also thankful to work with and learn from inspiring startup founders and management peers.

I saw first-hand what it means for a startup to grow from just a few employees to several hundred, and the strong impact venture capital funding and the management has on the startup. I gained experience in hiring and coaching teams of product managers, engineers, and designers. I learned how crucial it is for the further growth of the company to build a strong tech foundation from day 1 and have the right management principles and company values in place.

Over the years I have been involved in more than 25 startup launches (in industries such as eCommerce, FinTech, Digital Health), some being my own side-hustles. I gained unique insights into different business models, what worked and what did not, as well as frameworks and methodologies that could make the difficult early startup process more efficient.

Now I want to help you as a product leader or startup founder to benefit from my experiences in product leadership roles and startups.

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