Product Playbook – Stefan Richter
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Product Playbook

About the Product Playbook

This playbook should serve as an inspirational guide for product managers to help them discover and deliver outstanding products.

It aims to provide clarity on which steps and principles to follow in product planning, product discovery, and product delivery and highlights common product frameworks to use.

I hope this can give product managers more clarity on WHAT to do in any situation and provide useful tools and frameworks on HOW to do it.

The wisdom in this book is universal and can be applied for launching new products as well as growing existing products.

However, don’t expect you can simply copy everything introduced in this playbook. Instead, take all advice only as a starting point for adjusting it to the needs of your organization or an individual team.

I am happy to receive feedback or provide implementation advice, you can contact me via You can also follow me on LinkedIn.

The book is divided into 4 main sections:

  1. Product Planning: How to define a product strategy and roadmap
  2. Product Discovery: How to build the RIGHT product
  3. Product Delivery: How to build the product RIGHT
  4. Resources: Collection of valuable external resources on product management

Most chapters are password protected. You can request the password by contacting me via email (see above).

Before we dive into the first part, product planning, I’ll start off by giving you a brief overview of the role of a product manager.