Product Planning – Stefan Richter
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Product Playbook

Product Planning

Even the simplest product starts with a plan.

Let’s take a holistic look at how to get from a product idea to an actual product:

opportunity-solution-tree Source

(Strategic) Planning, Discovery, and Delivery are the 3 core components that shape products, and we will explore each of them in detail:

(Strategic) Planning

  • How to create a compelling product vision
  • How to develop a strategy to achieve the vision
  • How to define outcome-driven goals that are in line with the strategy
  • How to define and prioritize roadmap initiatives to achieve the goals


  • How to identify new opportunities and user problems
  • How to ideate solutions and validate them


  • How to work “agile” to maximize the delivery impact
  • How to break down solutions into features and deliver them to users


Let’s start with the first challenge: your product vision.