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Product Playbook

Product Backlog

While the product roadmap provides a high-level view on product initiatives for all stakeholders, product teams additionally maintain more granular backlogs to track their initiatives in more detail on a daily basis.

The following backlogs are most common:

Idea Backlog

A collection of ideas that typically have no data points yet and need initial assessment whether those ideas should be added to the Discovery backlog or not.

This backlog ensures that discovery and delivery teams are not distracted every day with random ideas, but also that those ideas do not get lost.

Columns (in a typical board view):

  • Idea (can come from any person in the organization)
  • in Assessment (= doing some quick research and alignment check with current goals to assess relevance and importance)
  • Opportunity (= accepted to add to Discovery/Delivery backlog)
  • Trash (= rejected with stated reason)

Opportunity Backlog

This backlog gives an overview of which state each product opportunity currently is in.

Columns (in a typical board view):

  • Opportunity (new opportunities that are not being worked on yet)
  • in Discovery (opportunity is currently validated)
  • in Delivery (solution is currently built to address opportunity)
  • in Validation (solution is live and first data is collected)
  • Live & Done (solution is live and its purpose has been proven)
  • Trash (= opportunity falsified)

Product Discovery Backlog

This backlog gives an insight into which stage each discovery initiative currently is in.

Columns (in a typical board view):

  • Opportunity (= open, not started to work on)
  • Problem Research (= research ongoing)
  • Ideation (= designing solutions)
  • Solution Validation (= validating solution)
  • Refinement (= refining solution and planning for delivery)
  • Trash (= opportunity falsified)

Product Delivery Backlog

This backlog is typically accessible in a software management tool like JIRA, contains user stories, and is the main task board for your engineering team.

Columns (in a typical board view):

  • Backlog (= ticket is not planned for a sprint yet)
  • Open (= ticket is allocated to the current sprint)
  • In progress / Doing (= ticket is currently worked on)
  • Code Review (= ticket is in code review)
  • QA (= ticket is tested)
  • Deployed on Production (= ticket is live)
  • Validation (= solution is validated with real user data)
  • Trash (= solution was not achieving its intended goals)