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Product Playbook

Product Vision

A product vision describes the future state of the product that your company and product team desire to achieve. It lays the foundation for your product strategy and roadmap.

If your company has just one product, your product vision is most likely the company vision. With several products, it can make sense to have a vision for each product, especially if target users are different.

Crafting a product vision will not be a straightforward task. It will require you to collaborate with your team and stakeholders intensively. This simple “sentence” is vital to building something meaningful. Thus, you need to craft it mindfully. A compelling product vision has the following characteristics:

  • Directive: It sets a precise destination where the team should land. Every team member knows what problem the product should solve.
  • Clarity: The team knows for whom they are building the product. They have a clear picture of the target audience. The team members can feel the customers’ pains.
  • Challenging: It brings a significant challenge to the team, which they are motivated to overcome. Every team member knows the problem the product solves, so the team strives daily to make it a little better.
  • Accelerate Decisions: It allows the team to say NO to distractions. They can challenge requests by asking, “How would this feature put us closer to achieving our vision?”

Once you have a product vision in mind, align it with the rest of the team and iterate it. It is ok to adapt it over time in case the company’s direction changes.

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