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Product Playbook

Product Metrics

As a product manager, it is important to work data-driven at all times. Thus, one of your core tasks is to ensure all user data for your product is properly tracked and analyzed regularly. This means:

  • Ensure analytics integrations (e.g. Google Analytics, Firebase) and event trackings are implemented correctly (especially before new tests or launches). It is also helpful to specify all tracked events in an Excel sheet.
  • Define your core product metrics that are relevant to track in order to assess the performance and success of the product and business.
  • Regularly track your metrics and have tools and dashboards in place that allow you to quickly make sense of the numbers and analyze them by different segments, cohorts, and time horizons.

Once defined and tracked, your metrics will help you on an ongoing basis to:

  • Check if you make progress on your OKRs.
  • Learn what you need to improve in your current product.
  • Feed your product discovery backlog with new potential user problems and opportunities.


Learn more about product metrics: The Guide to Product Metrics by Mixpanel

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