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Product Playbook

Solution Refinement

Let’s assume in the Solution Validation stage you got very positive metrics and feedback for your prototype. Now you likely want to jump right away into delivery and rolling it out to all your users.

However, when time allows, it can be beneficial to get as much uncertainty out of your solution while still in the discovery phase:

  • Could you improve conversion rates further?
  • Could you increase the value of the solution further?
  • Could you improve the user experience and usability further?

You can start your delivery steps already in parallel (e.g. writing user stories), but continue to refine your prototype further and do not stop with your first results.

Some techniques you can use to iterate on your prototype:

  • A/B tests
  • Click dummies
  • Design critique
  • Understand the why
  • Lostness tracking
  • Continue to measure and improve key metrics